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Racing...not only in my dreams!

Sep 6, 2021

So since I can remember, cars have been my thing! When I was only just over 2 years old, I knew who Jeremy, James and Richard were... and of course Lightning McQueen... I knew my Mom's name was Mom and my Dad's name was Dad, not rocket science :-)

Anyway, they took me to the Kyalami Top Gear Festival, the Top Gear Festival in Durban, and to numerous other car shows. Never have I been hooked on something like I am on racing. My dream is to become an F1 driver, I know it will take very hard work, especially as a South African, sitting far from the real action, but I am determined to give it my best shot!

I need to get into go-karting this year still and that is where I need your help with my Back a buddy campaign, please. Reach for the Moon and worst case scenario you might end up amongst the stars!


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