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Rain-racer me :-)

25 April 2024

I am now racing with acclaimed racing team NBR:  Neil Basilio Racing, based at Zwartkops Race Track, since March 2024.  On Saturday 6 April 2024 I raced in the OK-N class in Round 1 of the Rok Cup Northern Regions event.  

The day was a rollercoaster of changing tyres and equipment to accompany the weather that changed constantly.  Starting the day with full sun and a dry track, the conditions soon changed, and after the qualifying rounds there was a big downpour resulting in a change to wet tyres for all the karts and the race being declared a wet race.  I showed my skill in the rain by winning this round convincingly and being 1 of only 2 to complete the wet round, the other competitors all spun out and subsequently watched the race from onside the track alongside the Marshals.  

For the 2nd round, the track was dry enough to change to slick tyres again and the race was on.  I struggled a bit on older tyres but still managed to finish the race.  By the 3rd race, the weather conditions took a turn for the worst and a big storm with thunder and lightning followed.  The event was declared over as a result of 'Force Majeure'.  

I took overall 2nd place for the day and also secured the coveted 'OK-N class Driver of the Day' award.  I will be competing in my  first National Round in May at the Vereeniging Kart Circuit and again in Gqeberha in mid June.

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