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Tillotson South Africa Round 2

12 August 2023

Wow! What a fantastic last race in my beloved nr 22 Tillotson Monster Kart! Why Monster Kart? Because nobody could catch me! I had an absolute fantastic race in nr 22, my very first kart I got, and one that I fought many battles in, and celebrated countless victories in! We have to sell it to cover costs to get to Spain to compete in the T4 Nations Cup, representing South Africa, so all very worthwhile, although I will dearly miss this kart! Had some very special and mostly epic times in it and I believe it will bring much joy to the new owner / driver.

I won all 3 rounds and then they placed me last in the last round on a technicality of underweight of 500g, although in the rules they are only supposed to do this from 1kg underweight. Anyway, still ended the day in 1st! It was great!!!

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