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Tillotson T4 Deciding Day

Updated: Jun 3

02 July 2022

So today is a big day!!!! The decider of the first Tillotson T4 Championship in South Africa, deciding who gets the ticket to the Tillotson T4 World Series in Valencia, Spain in Sept/Oct 2022.

Started very well, I won the 1st and 2nd rounds, but got taken out by a fellow driver in the 3rd round. I still managed to get the kart out from under the barrier, back onto the track, and managed to score a few points.

Lucky for me, this, together with a few other things that happened, was enough for me to secure 1st place in my class for the day, making me the winner in my class of the first Tillotson Championship in South Africa. Now for the fundraising effort to get me to Spain in September. Vamos!!!!


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