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Tillotson T4 Nations Cup 2023 - Valencia, Spain

7 February 2024

Yay! We are back in Valencia, Spain!! We are racing for South Africa in the Tillotson T4 Nations Cup and I am representing SA in the Senior Category this year! I am driving against 64 other drivers in this category! Yikes!!!!! That surely is a large grid to compete against, but VAMOS!!! I had a fantastic time, quali was not as I wanted it but nevertheless I fought my way back and ended 14th in the FINAL, out of 65 drivers!!!!!! Yay!! I still believe I can do better and would want to prove this in 2024! I also met some fantastic people, like my new good friend from Bulgaria, Niko, we are already planning how we are going to win the race in 2024! What an experience, thank you to all who contributed to help me get here, I am absolutely loving it and getting better and faster every race! I also had the 5th fastest lap in the entire FINAL! What a trip, making memories and friends!

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