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What will 2024 hold?

7 February 2024

So after a challenging end of year in 2023 where my kart had a mechanical failure of the brake plate, which came off flying, ending me up in a tyre wall at 100km/h... I am thankfully ok, but my kart is a write-off. Luckily the engine had no damage and we could salvage most of the rest of the kart except the frame. We managed to get a great Kosmic rolling chassis again and I am starting the year practicing in my OK-N as I missed this so much! After this we will put back the F400 engine and set-up as that will be my first race for the year on 3 March. I also hope to take part in the Tillotson T4 Nations Cup in Spain again in September, only time will tell if we can raise enough funds to get there again.

Hopefully I can attract some sponsors to make it a bit easier, who knows! Anyway, let's do this!

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